Schussers Ski and Sports Club 
172 US Route 302
P.O. Box 156, Glen, NH 03838




Map to the Massa-Schussers Ski Club




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From the South

The ride from Boston takes about two to two and a half hours. Take Route 95 North to Route 16 (get in the left lanes for the Spaulding Turnpike, just before the Portsmouth, NH exits). Follow Route 16 North about 100 miles to Conway, NH where Route 302 joins Route 16 and continues North.


Continue to follow 16/302 through North Conway village. Continue about 6 more miles to a stop light where 16 and 302 separate. You're less than a mile away. You'll see small shopping areas on your right and left. Take Route 302 straight ahead. Pass the Red Parka Pub on your left, and on your right, Eastman's Excavation and a small cemetery. Watch for our sign on your right.



Route 93 and The Kancamagus Highway (Route 112)

Take Route 93 to the Kancamagus Highway into Conway Village. (You might want 4WD in winter and be sure to check that it's open).



From the North

Take Route 93 South to 302 through Crawford Notch and Bartlett. Watch for the Club on your left a mile or so beyond West Side Road.



West Side Road Bypass

If you want to avoid the traffic and shopping malls in North Conway: When you get to Conway Village, take a left at the first light after the Kancamagus (which is Route 112) onto West Side Road. Bear left immediately, at the first intersection on West Side Road. Several miles further on, take a left at the T. (A right will bring you out on the North side of Conway Village on 16/302.) Take a right onto 302 at the end. You'll be about a mile or so from the Club from there, which will now be on your left. Mind the speed limit on West Side Road, because it's enforced!



North South Road Bypass

The new North South Road bypass takes you past all the outlets and most of North Conway village to the East. To pick it up, go right at the Burger King off of Route 16 just south of town, then left at Walmart (second light) onto North South Road. Follow it to the end. Go left to get back on Route 16. Go right to pick up the road to Cranmore Mt., then another left on Intervale Cross Road. That will take you North of the village and put you back on Route 16 across from the Mt. Washington Valley Overlook.             






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