Schussers Ski and Sports Club 
172 US Route 302
P.O. Box 156, Glen, NH 03838



This year our club has added some new organized events to encourage club members to try new things and get together more often as a group. Call or email us anytime to invite yourself along!











Because we're part of a wider network of clubs, our members often hook up with folks from other clubs for their planned events. This way we get to choose from a number of activities at different levels with a great variety of people.


There's always something to do up at the Schussers. In Winter it could be a day of intense skiing on Wildcat, hanging around North Conway for a rest-day, or dancing till the wee hours at one of the local clubs or ski houses. In Summer, maybe a hike or mountain bike in the "Whites", or hanging around First Bridge on the Saco. It's all here.



Members of the ‘Schussers, “Bretts” and friends paddled the Sudbury and Concord Rivers for the day. For word about other impromptu gatherings, go ahead and email us at and we'll do our best to keep you in the loop.








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