Schussers Ski and Sports Club 
172 US Route 302
P.O. Box 156, Glen, NH 03838



How much does it cost?

Membership costs $600.00 a year, with a one-time initiation fee when you join.



Can I have guests once I'm a member?

Sure. The fee for a guest is $30.00 per person per night. Just contact the Lodge chairperson to make a reservation, be sure there's space and get other details.



Can I be a guest if I don't know anyone at the club?

Yes. Just call or text Mary Beth Cafferty at 781-223-4783 and let her know you'd like to check out the Club. She'll  fill you in on the details.



Can I bring the kids?

The Schussers are primarily an over-21 environment, so we're not really set up for children. You can find other clubs that are kids-oriented on the EICSL Website on "The Clubs" pages.



Can I bring pets?

We do have a pet policy that allows pets under certain conditions, but most people don't bring them up, especially during ski season or weekends when there's a scheduled activity. You can find out more about the policy in our Lodge Rules - you'll get a copy with a membership application.



What's this I hear about Chores?

Most clubs need some way to keep the place clean and orderly. At our club, you get one chore per weekend that usually takes about 15 minutes to do. Members are also required to work a certain number of hours per year during a "Work Weekend" when we do major cleaning and maintenance on the Lodge. The weekends are well organized and there is definitely time and energy left for night life.


Is the club non-smoking?

Yes, the Schussers facility is in fact a Non-Smoking area



Where can I get directions to the club?

You've probably figured out by now that all you have to do is click on the "directions" links on each page. Hope you can come on up and check us out soon!




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